Why Umrah For Orphans Program...?

Why Umrah For Orphans Program...?

Meet 16 year old Naeem Abdul Wahab. You sponsored him to go on the very first Umrah for Orphans programme 6 years ago when he was only 10 years old.

He is so close to his mother and has the most beautiful character with her and with us. He is also very close to God and committed to the Prophetic way. His dream is to become a chef. Why? Because he loves helping his mother in the house and especially cooking and baking. mashAllah!

  1. His mother said.... ‘When he went to Umrah I felt lost. He is my right hand. He is always there for me. But I was so happy for him to go. It helped him find closure and guided him in a way nothing else could’.He was very close to his father but he passed away when he was only five. Now he finds it hard to remember him. But when he came on Umrah he did it in his fathers name. He wept so much.When we first met him He drew A Picture for us of the Kaabah... he said it was more beautiful than any of his imaginations... he loved it all so much.His grandmother was kicked out of her home in Palestine when she was only 2 years old.

  2. She is 70 this year. She feels the pain of the Syrian refugees.Born in Lid south of Hebron, they moved to Gaza and lived in a tent after they were driven out in terror. She got married and moved to Jordan.His mother wants to go on Umrah. inshaAllah we will take her next year.Every child and family says the same thing... you made the impossible, possible. And because God did that, I can overcome anything in my life. This is not just the gift of Umrah... which would be enough! But this is even more.

  3. It is a powerful gift of deep hope and complete belief that anything is possible and that we must never ever give up.This is everything they need. If you truly believe in a future for Palestine, this is a unique chance to invest in it and have a share in their future freedom.


  5. Story By : Bro Faraz Yousufzai#Umrah4Orphans #Lifechanger #Freedom

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